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Monte has a passion and hands-on approach, attention to detail and calming demeanor that makes him a sought after bridal image consultant.His work has graced the pages of Elegant Bride, Washingtonian, The Washington Post, New York Times, Martha Stewart Living, Town and Country, and In Style Magazine. Monte has been a featured expert on bridal fashion, hair, and make-up for Fox Network. Now he is a star of TLC hit show "Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta".  An avid collector of Jacqueline Kennedy memorabilia, he resides in Virginia with his two Welsh Terriers who keep him company as he lends his sense of style to restoring an older home.

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An Easter Memory


Happy Easter to everyone! I hope its been a sunny, special weekend -- starting with the Season 3 finale of Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta Friday night and ending with Easter baskets today. Is yours filled with jellybeans or chocolate? (P.S. If you missed the finale, you can watch a clip from the show right here! You can also catch up on scenes with more Season 3 brides -- and for 10 back-to-back Monte moments, click here.)

This Easter weekend, I'm in New York, and my sweet treat of choice is this! Who could resist visiting those girlswhile in Soho? Since I'm away from family, I wanted to offer up a special Easter memory.

Easter is a very fashionable holiday. Women in hats and gloves, men in their finest suits, little girls in pastel dresses with patent leather shoes and white hats with elastic bands. Growing up, this holiday was a chance for my family -- my mom, dad and sisters -- to dress up and celebrate spring and being together. I remember vividly putting on my suit and bowtie and walking down the dusty road to church. There weren't any sidewalks, so by the time we got there, our heels were caked with dirt.

My mom  would pull out a single tissue from her purse, moisten it, and wipe off the soles and heels of our shoes. To her, there was nothing worse than seeing dirty feet under the pews!

Isn't it funny what memories come back as the seasons change? If you're thinking of your mother this weekend, you should enter her in TLC's Luckiest Mom in America. She could win a Monte makeover! Details right here.

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Say Yes! To The Dress - The Dynamic Duo!

Monte Durham: Say Yes to the Dress - AtlantaMonte Durham is the Fashion Director on Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta. He remarks, "My favorite brides are brides that will listen, and are open to my suggestions because that allows me to be the professional that I am. I am a stylist, and I own a hair salon so I know what looks good. I know how they should wear their hair. I know which veil will look good and where it should be placed. So I love brides that are open to possibilities."

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When he's not jacking up brides, Monte is dishing out fashion advice, dressing down ill-mannered entourages or cracking jokes with the ladies of Bridals by Lori. Watch some of his finest moments and see why we're mad about Monte!